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Family of Prince Harry's ex-girlfriend 'couldn't stand how needy he was'

A RELATIVE of Prince Harry's ex-girlfriend "couldn't stand how needy he was", according to a political commentator. 

David Mellor, a former chief secretary to the Treasury made the revelation this afternoon on GB News, saying that Harry was 'broken'. 


"I mean, a relative of one of Harry's previous girlfriends just said to me she couldn't stand how needy he was," he claimed today.  


"Please believe me it's an impeccable source. But let me just say to the problem with this, you've got Kate, who I feel we're never as good about as we ought to be.  

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"Now William was somebody who wasn't sure when he was young that he wanted this life of servitude. She has been by his side and has given him the strength to actually do what he's done." 

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GB News

They were discussing Harry and Meghan's new six-part Netflix series after three episodes landed on the streaming site yesterday. 


David said: "What has Meghan done for Harry?

"Has she done anything to say now come on, you know, it was terrible what happened to your mother but we've got a big life going ahead. 


"I think she's using Harry to exploit her own or build her own fame." 

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