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Metropolitan Police officer suspended after 'stalking woman he met during duty'

The serving officer attended the victim's work before suggesting her home's window was unsecured so he could speak to her

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A CREEPY cop has been suspended from the Met after stalking a woman he began a relationship with after meeting on duty. 

PC Jonathan Simon, attached to the East Area Command Unit, was arrested last year after "repeatedly harassing" the victim, a court heard. 


The serving Metropolitan Police officer will face a misconduct hearing after receiving his 16-week suspended sentence at Westminster Magistrates' Court. 

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He was arrested on July 4 2020 following the incidents with the victim, who was known to him, between October 2021 and July 2022.  

It's alleged he first met the woman when he was on duty in May 2021 and began a relationship with her, which she later ended. 


He then made repeated visits to her home, some of which were while he was on duty, and left her messages and voicemails, despite having been told she did not want to see him anymore. 

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In one instance he attended her home address and then her place of work and suggested her window was unsecured in an apparent bid to get her to speak to him. 

PC Simon was immediately suspended from duty following his arrest and misconduct proceedings will now follow. 


Chief Superintendent Stuart Bell told "PC Simon's behaviour was unwarranted, unwanted and caused significant concern to the victim.  

"Our officers cannot behave like this and we will be proactive in identifying and taking positive action against those who do. 

"Despite being repeatedly asked to stop he subjected the victim to a campaign of harassment which caused her considerable distress.  


"He abused his position as a police officer and has now been dealt with by the courts." 

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