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'I've made 16,000 cups of tea with my 22-year-old kettle and it still works'

In its 22 years, the kettle has seen seven UK Prime Ministers, spanned three decades and witnessed two British monarchs

Britains oldest kettle

A CUPPA-LOVING mum is celebrating making more than 16,000 brews using a kettle she bought over two decades ago. 

Jodine Milne-Reader purchased the Russell Hobbs appliance back in 2001 and, unbelievably, the trusty tea maker is still going strong.  


The mother-of-two from Sunderland only recently bought a matching toaster in the hope that it lasts just as long as her kettle. 



She tells that the trusty device is "a big talking point amongst friends" and that it's "seen every life event". 

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The kettle has seen her and her husband through three different homes and the birth of two children. 

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They have even built their own home since buying it 22 years ago and it is a running joke in Jodine’s house that the kettle will outlive her. 

She told "Our kettle is celebrating 22 years of moving in together, 16 years of marriage and two kids this year.  

Hot water


"It's lived in three homes, boiled water to sterilise bottles, make baths, fill hot water bottles, bathe eyes, fill pans, defrost windscreens and many more things in-between.  

"We bought a new Russell Hobbs toaster in the hopes it will last just as long!" 


Cira Jones, marketing manager at Russell Hobbs tells us: "It’s fantastic to hear about Jodine’s experience with her Russell Hobbs kettle.  

"We are pleased that our products stand the test of time and accompany our customers as they live their lives.  

Costa Coffee



"It’s lovely to hear how Jodine’s kettle has been around for many events in her family’s life and is even a talking point among her closest friends and family." 

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